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Our ceramic pictures are the same professional quality you would get when purchasing one through a monument retailer, but for hundreds of dollars less.

Our prices start as low as $59.99. Even our largest, most expensive photos are only $154.99.

Here are some other features of our products.

Our ceramic photos come with a life-time guarantee to never weather or fade in the sun.

We offer free photo editing to make sure the finished piece is exactly the way you want it. We can make some color and shading changes, clean up flaws, and remove or replace backgrounds.

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HeadstonePics How to Order

  • foto Choose Your Shape and Size We offer 8 different shapes in as many as 9 sizes. When you visit our shop, you will see each available shape. Once you click on one, you will be shown a chart of the various sizes available, and their corresponding price.
  • foto Upload Your Photo Once you have selected the size you want, a message will appear asking you to upload your photo. Click the browse button to find the file on your computer, and then follow the prompt to upload. You can change the photo at any time.
  • foto Follow Checkout Directions Once you've uploaded your photo, you will be taken to your cart. From there, just follow the directions to checkout. Once your order is placed, we will take your photo, and any special instructions, and create a proof for you to approve.


Our personalized ceramic photos make it so when you visit the grave of someone you loved, you can see their face…exactly as you would like to have them remembered.


We create high quality pieces using the best ceramic toners, fine Italian tiles, and fire each one in a kiln…all at a fraction of what you would pay at a monument company.

HeadstonePics How to Install

Step 1
Use rubbing alcohol to clean the area you want to place the photo on, then make sure it's completely dry.
Step 2
Without removing the tape backing, place the photo on the stone in the location you want to mount it, and mark the position with a pencil.
Step 3
Remove the backing from the tape, and firmly press the photo into your marked area. Continue presssing for a couple of minutes to ensure proper adhesion.
Step 4
While not required, you can run a bead of silicon caulk around the edges of the photo to seal the gap between the photo and the stone. In addition to creating a waterproof seal, it also gives it a little nicer look.
For optimal results, higher temperatures and times of lower humidity are ideal weather conditions for installation. However, our ceramic photos can be installed when temps are below freezing. A clean, dry surface is the key.

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HeadstonePics ABOUT US

Headstone Pics was created for the sole purpose of making personalized, permanent memorials at a price anyone could afford. We duplicate any photo of your loved one into a ceramic tile that can be attached to any headstone, mausoleum, or other permanent memorial. The finished memorial plaque is guaranteed not to weather or fade.


Everyone should should be memorialized with more than a stone with a name, date of birth, and date of death engraved on it.

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