Here are just a few examples of the photo editing work we have done for customers. All photo editing is included in the cost of the ceramic photo. We don’t charge extra for it.

When you place your order and submit your photo, we’ll create a proof and send it to you for your approval. If you don’t care for the proof, or would like to see something different, we’ll make as many edits as needed to meet your satisfaction.


grainy photo editing

The customer only had an old, grainy photograph, and they wanted the ceramic piece to be a close up bust shot.



background removal from picture

The customer requested the house in the background be removed and have it look like sky.



moving people in a picture

In addition to needing the coloring of the photo improved, the customer requested that we switch the position of the two people so they would appear in the photo on the same side as their names appear on their shared headstone.



old damaged photo restoration

This is another old, low quality, damaged photo that we edited to make it usable for the ceramic piece.



zoom in photo

This one was a pretty simple zoom in and remove the background edit for us, but many other ceramic photo companies won’t do it.



ceramic photo editing

The client didn’t have a scanner, so they just took a picture of an old photo with their phone and texted it to us.