Use on Other Memorials

Ceramic photos can be attached to many types of memorials other than just headstones. They can also add a personal touch to mausoleums. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop by a mausoleum to visit someone you loved and see a picture, just as you wanted to remember them? That’s way better than just a plain door and maybe a small vase of flowers.

Ceramic photos can also be attached to some urns. This is best for square, rectangle, or other shapes of urns with a flat side, or relatively flat side. Round ones can be a bit more difficult, but if you keep the size of the photo small, it will work great.

Waterproof Family Photos

You have family photos inside your home, why not have some outside, as well? Ceramic photos would be perfect decorations for any outdoor living area, patio, garden, and even an entry way. The could also be used as accents on tiled walls, such as kitchen back splashes, shower stalls, etc.

permanent digital artPermanent Digital Art

If you have a photograph that is so special that you want a permanent version, rather than making a printed copy that will fade over time and could easily get damaged, why not make a permanent version? They’re easy to display on a small easel or decorative stand, such as these.

You could create a tile border or collage using a group of your favorite works, as well.

Pet Memorials

Saying goodbye to your furry, feathered, and even scaly friends is hard to do. A ceramic photo of them creates a permanent reminder of them, and just how you want to remember them. The photos can be used on grave markers, urns holding their ashes, or just displayed as a stand alone portrait. Being both weatherproof and permanent opens up a lot of options on kinds of tributes you can create for your pet.


The variety of uses for personalized ceramic photos is limited only by your imagination. If you have an idea, but you’re not sure if a ceramic photo would be right for it, contact us. We’re happy to help make your idea come to life!